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 Event Details ~ Donnelly, ID ~ Aug 13, 2017

Location:  Donnelly, ID

Date:  Saturday August 12 - Sunday August 12

Time:  1:00pm MTN (be checked in no later than 12 noon)

Added:      $2500

Entry Fee: $125 for two head

Format:  35 in Long Saturday, 35 in long Sunday and 10 to short on Sunday -- pays out on Sunday -- must buy EPB card or permit -- 

30% to Long pays 1st-4th,

30% to short pays 1st-4th 

40% to average pays 1st-6th

EO: August 1 - 8am to 8pm
CB  August 2 - 8am - 8pm

Judges: Randy Rauenzahn, John Merriott & Rod Rhodes

Contractor: Mile Hi Rodeo, Wyatt Buckin bulls

Announcer: Gary Rogers

Bullfighters: Casey Stuivenga & Ben James

Event Contact: Dustin or Frank Loomis, 208-315-1433

Host Hotel: 

Special Events & Prizes:  buckle to average winner & buckle to high point bull

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