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2013 Finals Personnel Announced
The EPB is pleased to announce the 2013 Finals Personnel who were selected by all active card holding riders and personnel. They are as follows:

Judges: Bullfighters:
Doug Clark Cory Beckham
Rich Osborne Lelo Garcia
Scott Breding Alternate Bullfighter:
  Jory Covington


EPB Canadian Tour FINALS
The EPB is excited to announce the inaugural EPB Canadian Tour Finals!  The Tour Finals will be held on January 26th at 7:00 pm MST at the Silver Sage Community Corral in Brooks, AB.  The event will feature 24 of the EPB’s best bullriders matched against some of the country’s top bulls vying for the $7,500 added Tour Finals Championship and buckle.  Canada’s top contractors will also be challenging one another to become the Tour Finals Bull Team Champion, as contractors will be entering bulls (3 long round, 1 short round) competing for cash and a buckle as well. All members are encouraged to download the Canadian Member ballot and vote for the finals personnel they would like to see work the event.

The current Canadian Event members standings can be viewed by clicking here (standings are not yet final and will be posted before entries open).  All riders included in the standings are encouraged to enter the Finals event.  Entries are on Monday, January 14th from 8:00 am until 10:00 pm.  Call backs will be on Wednesday, January 16th during the same hours.  Call or text 406-672-0029, call 406-669-3181, email secretary@eliteprobullriders.com or send a Facebook message in order to get entered.  Fees will be $140 plus $10 central entry/secretary fee. 

The EPB Canadian Committee, spearheaded by Canadian Director Tayla Fraser is working hard to bring together a great event for our riders, contractors and personnel, and are excited to bring the Canadian Tour Finals to Brooks!  Please show your support by planning to attend the event.



The Members Page now includes the EPB Official Rulebook!!  We are in the process of getting the rule book printed off and getting it to all members, in the mean time it is available for download and to print off on the Members page!  Please address any questions to the EPB Office or Board of Directors. The page also includes important information about the EPB, including other downloadable forms such as applications, a list of all active personnel, minutes from meetings held so you can keep up to date with what is discussed, and a list of Board Members.  Please click here to be directed to the EPB Official Rulebook!



Discussions held during the recent EPB Board of Directors meeting on June 2nd have developed into membership rules that riders, personnel and committees/producers should be aware.  Starting June 11, 2012 all riders who desire to participate in an EPB sanctioned event MUST purchase a current membership before getting on their bull.  In the event that a rider does not wish to purchase a membership, he is given the option of purchasing a one-time “hometown permit” for $25.00 which will allow him to ride as a non-carded member.  The permit is allowed for one event and the rider must purchase a regular membership if he would like to participate in any other subsequent event.

In addition, there will no longer be a variance request for event personnel of an EPB sanctioned event.  All stock contractors, bullfighters, barrlemen/funnymen, judges, photographers and secretaries must be carded members in order to participate in EPB events.  Stock contractor memberships are $100, all other personnel memberships are $50.  There is no fee associated with a secretary membership but he or she must be approved in advance by the EPB office. 


What started out as a good night continued throughout the weekend for three of the top riders in the EPB, Beau Hill of West Glacier, Montana; Stetson Lawrence of Trenton, North Dakota; and Dustin Tompkins of Wimborne, Alberta.  Dustin won the first round in Deer Lodge and then covered his short round bull to take the Champion title and a total check of $5,194.13 for his total of 166 on two head.  Close behind him was Beau who placed fourth in the long round and second in the short giving him a second place finish in the average.  Missing Beau by just one point, Stetson finished off Deer Lodge with a third place win in the average. 

The three riders then headed to Darby, Montana where Beau placed first in the long with an 85 point ride, Stetson followed with an 83 and Dustin’s ride for 81 gave him his spot in the short round.  Despite their efforts, only Beau Hill managed to cover his short round bull, Painted Desert of Hofer Bucking Bulls, and earned 89 points leaving him with the average win and the $10,000 average check!  The Darby event was a “shocking” experience for everyone involved, as the arena was struck by lightning and the event was delayed until the following afternoon.  Special thanks to the South Valley Events Center for their generous donation of $260 towards the Rider Relief Fund!   

Maybe it was because he was riding in his hometown among friends or perhaps it’s simply because he just keeps getting better with time, but Steven Lambert was the clear Champion of the Gallatin County Fair’s Best of the West Bulls and Broncs event held on July 20th.  Of the 27 bull riding attempts of the evening, only two riders managed to cover and Steven took home nearly all of the money, $2,445.  The event also highlighted saddle bronc riding; Guy Simonton of Malta earned the Champion title and took home just over $1,300 in prize money. 

For full results on all of these events, please check out the results page.



This past weekend, Vernon, BC played host to the EPB Vernon Bull-A-Rama.  This event was the first of this particular committee, and it sounds like its the first to come of an annual event.  Click the banner below to see a wonderful story and video highlights of "The Cody Moore Show" Vernon, BC EPB



Australia native Josh Birks, currently living in Irricana, Alberta, earned almost $6,000 over the weekend in the first two Canadian events of the 2012, held in Tofield and Rimbey.  Josh covered his bulls in both short rounds, scoring 88 points in Tofield aboard “City Lights” of Thompson Rodeo, and 89.5 on Two Bit’s “Buckin’ Fantastic” during Saturday’s performance in Rimbey.  Congratulations to all riders who took home some cash!

The spring rush in Canada continues on April 20th in Byemoor, April 27th in Viking, May 4th in Alix and May 5th in Kimberley, BC.  Make sure to check the schedule for additional information on each event.



Due to the wonderful growth that the EPB has experienced in Canada, we are excited to announce the opening of the EPB Canadian Extension Office.  The office will serve as the “eyes and ears” for the corporate office, allowing for more timely and efficient communication with our friends north of the border!  Lori Eno has been selected to head the Canadian office and she can be contacted via email at canada@eliteprobullriders.com or on her cell phone, 403-575-0885.  Please note that the central entries will remain in the corporate office and all correspondence via postal service should be mailed to the American address until otherwise announced. 



As a reminder, all bullriders, personnel and stock contractors must renew their memberships for the 2012 season in order to remain active members of the EPB.  Riders:  any money won at a 2012 EPB event will not count toward the Finals standings and you will not earn any EPB points unless you are an active member.  Rider memberships are $100.  Personnel and Stock Contractors:  your name and information will not be listed on the EPB website or the Cowboy’s Digest unless you renew your membership; in addition, you will not be eligible to compete for a Finals position unless you are an active member.  Personnel memberships are $50, Stock Contractor cards are $100.  You may mail a check made out to the “EPB” to 7586 Ott Rd., Acton, MT 59002, or call the office at 406-669-3181 to pay with a credit card.



The EPB Office has some new hours:

Monday through Saturday

8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Closed on Sundays

Please note these hours do not apply to the extended hours offered during entry and callback days.  In addition, the office will remain open on Sundays if there is a sanctioned event on the following Monday.



The EPB is excited to welcome several new members to the Board of Directors.  Chuck Molyneaux of Columbus, Montana, who has previously served on the Board as a Competition Director has been voted as the new EPB President.  Jim Hale will remain on the Board as President Emeritus.  Cal Ruark of Darby will once again serve as the Vice President of the EPB.  Phillip Hofer has moved to the position of Competition Director, while Doug Clark of Ramsay will serve as Judges Director.  The new Stock Contractor Director is Kaehl Berg of Red Eye Rodeo Co., and Jeff Marn will continue to serve as Personnel Director.  Serving once again as Bullrider Directors are Brett Crump and Kody DeShon.   Riders should pay particular attention to their directors and utilize them as much as possible.  Check out the Members link of the website for contact information as well as the members of the EPB committees.



The EPB can now be seen on Canadian's premier bullriding site; http://everything-cowboy.com Check it out for all of your latest news in the cowboy world!

This new link will be located on our Links page for any future viewing.



Congratulations to Garrett Green of Meeting Creek, Alberta for winning the 2011 Year End Champion title!  Garrett placed 3/4 (spl) in both the first long and short rounds placing him 5th in the overall average.  He earned a total of 600 points putting him ahead of Miles Pennington in points earned by just 5 points! 

Matt Triplett was one of just three cowboys to cover three bulls for the weekend, and the only rider to place in both short rounds.  He earned a total of 252.5 points and $3,810 as well as the Champion buckle donated by Jensen Silver.  Congratulations!


For the full results, click here.


Red Eye Rodeo of Deer Lodge, MT won the EPB Bull Team Competition earning a total of 260.5 points on four outs, taking home a check for $2,000.  Second place went to Bird Bucking Bulls with 254.25 points, followed by Hofer Bucking Bulls at 252.75 and Two Bit Bucking Bulls with 247 points.  Thank you to all the stock contractors who competed on Friday night.



Thank you to all members who voted for the 2010-2011 EPB Event of the Season.  This Season winners are:

American Event--  Butte Bull Bash (Trainwreck Productions)

Canadian Event—Tofield Bull Bash (Neufeld/Tofield Committee)




For the first time since its creation late in 2010, the EPB Rider Relief Fund has hit a level of significance as a result of a very generous donation of $1,175 by the Dusty Gliko Bullriding Committee.  Thank you! In addition, riders and members have continued to sell bumper stickers to enhance the cause, special thanks to Shannon Wortman, Martin Kazmierowski and Russell Friend for their most recent sales.  Please continue to support your cowboys by purchasing your bumper stickers online or by calling the EPB office.




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